"I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing. - John 15:5

About Us



Have you ever considered what you, as an individual, can do?


You can do something and you can start right now, right in your own backyard. It won’t take much effort and it won’t take up much time, because, as easy as putting it in the bin, most of your household waste can simply be put into a handy worm composting system instead. Just as nature intended, worms will recycle your waste into valuable vermicast(worm poop), a product that will not only make your garden, lawn, and houseplants thrive and be fruitful but, also return to the earth, very basic living organisms which form the foundation of healthy soil and consequently, a healthy eco-system. Garbage doesn’t have to be a problem; it can actually be an asset, a very valuable one.


This site isn't just about saving the world; it's for the home composter who simply wants a more efficient method, for the veggie gardener who would prefer organic fertilizer, the fisher-person needing a reliable source of worms and the householders who have to pay for their garbage to be collected. It's also for pet owners needing worms to feed their chickens, lizards, snakes, exotic birds, etc.  With minor efforts, your worm composting system can become a fun part of your lifestyle. You can make a hobby of it using your organic vermicast to make your garden and lawn thrive, or even make a few dollars by harvesting and selling off your worms to ‘new’ worm composters.


Our mission at THE WORM HAUS is to help everyone become aware of the importance of using worms and their benefits, for sustaining a naturally healthy soil with better yields and converting organic “waste” materials into a renewable resource.
We need to become better stewards for the children of today and tomorrow. So here's to your health, and the balance of MOTHER EARTH, may we grow and live naturally. Make a difference, recycle with worms.